Accounts and Audit

Annual Return 31.3.2021

Approved at the parish council meeting on 6th May 2021

UPC Annual Return 31.3.2021
External auditor's report
Notice of Completion of Audit

Bank Reconciliation and Reserves Reconciliation 31.3.2021



CIL 21

Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2021

Approved at meeting of 6th May 2021

Upton accounts 31.3.2021

Exercise of public rights

Public rights

Notice of completion of audit for year ended 31st March 2020

Notice of completion

Accounts and Annual Return 2019/20

UPC Approved Accounts 31.3.2020
Upton PC Annual Return 31.3.2020
Annual Return section 3
Upton PC - bank rec 31.3.2020
Upton PC - reserves 31.3.2020
UPC notice of audit
Payments over £100


Variances 2019-20


CIL 2020

Budget for 2020/21

The precept for 20/21 has been set by the parish council at a total of £9,130, which is a 5% increase and is expected to result in a total precept of £34.06 for the year for an average Band D home, or 65 pence per week.

The precept is collected by Broadland District Council as part of your council tax bill.

Budget 20-21

Detailed Budget - By Combined Account Code 20-21

Accounts for the year ended 31.3.2019


Payments over £100

CIL 2019

Annual Return

External auditor report
Notice of conclusion of audit

Notice of Audit

Notice of Electors’ Rights

Electors’ rights

Completion of audit for 31.3.2018

Notice of completion

Annual Return for 31.3.2018