Forthcoming elections 6th May 2021

Persons nominated County Council




Find out about candidates for the Police and Crime commissioner here

Supplementary Voting System

Police and Crime Commissioner elections use the Supplementary Vote (SV) system.

The ballot paper will list the Police and Crime Commissioner candidates, with two columns for marking your first choice and second choice.

In the first column, you mark a cross [X] next to the candidate who is your first choice.  For your vote to be counted, you need to cast a first choice vote.

In the second column, you can mark a cross [X] next to the candidate who is your second choice. You do not have to mark a second choice.


Please wear a mask, and take your own pen to vote

Forthcoming elections

There are Norfolk County Council elections and Police and Crime Commissioner elections scheduled for Thursday, 6th May 2021

To find out more about different ways to vote:


Parish council election


As 7 people were nominated, for 7 spaces, all 7 are automatically elected and there will not be an election for the parish council on 2nd May, just for the district council.