Notice of poll for Broadland District Council on 2nd May 2019

notice of poll

Parish council election


As 7 people were nominated, for 7 spaces, all 7 are automatically elected and there will not be an election for the parish council on 2nd May, just for the district council.

People nominated for the Broadland District Council elections on 2nd May 2019

List of nominations

You can vote for  2 people

Norfolk County Council By-Election

Following the resignation of Tom Garrod there will be a by-election for the county councillor for the Wroxham division (which includes Upton) on Thursday, 4th April 2019. Polling will take place at Upton Village Hall

Official notices and the timetable are available here

Parish council elections

There are parish council elections on Thursday, 2nd May, at the same time as elections for Broadland District Council. To stand for election as a parish councillor you must be at least 18 years old, be a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any member state of the European Union and must:

  • Be registered as a local government elector in the village, and will continue to be so, or
  • Have owned or rented in the village for the last 12 months, or
  • Have your main place of work in the village, or
  • Have lived in the village, or within 3 miles of the village, for the whole of the last 12 months

Further details are available at the website for the Electoral Commission.

The timetable for the elections is available here 

Nomination forms to stand as a parish councillor need to completed and be hand delivered to Broadland District Council at Thorpe Lodge, Yarmouth Road, Norwich by 4pm on Wednesday, 3rd April. The first day they can be delivered to BDC is 20th March.

The nomination form is available here

Note that the parish council is non-political so you should click on the link for “standing as an independent candidate”.

If 7 or fewer people stand for election, then there will be no election and all candidates will automatically become parish councillors. If more than 7 people stand, then there will be an election.

Notice of Election Parish

Notice of Election District