Police advice

Now that the evenings are drawing in, the Police have reminded residents to leave a light on, on use a timer switch, when they are away from home. There have been a couple of burglaries in neighbouring villages.

Police advice

Now that the evenings are drawing in, the Police have reminded residents to leave a light on, on use a timer switch, when they are away from home. There have been a couple of burglaries in neighbouring villages.

Advice re cybercrime

From Neighbourhood Watch:

Working with our partners to tackle cybercrime

Staying secure online can often seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The Government’s Cyber Aware campaign, which follows advice and technical expertise from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, offers the following simple advice to help you to improve your online security.

The key behaviours to help you improve your online security are:

Install the latest software and app updates

  • They contain vital security updates which help protect your device from viruses and hackers
  • Security updates are designed to fix weaknesses in software and apps which could be used by hackers to attack your device. Installing them as soon as possible helps to keep your device secure
  • You can choose to install updates at night when you are asleep and your device is plugged in or set your mobile or tablet to automatically update your apps when you are connected to Wi-Fi and an update is available
  • You can also set laptops and desktops to automatically install software updates when an update is available

Use a strong, separate password for your email account (you can use three random words or numbers to create a strong password).

  • Hackers can use your email to access many of your personal accounts, by asking for you password to be reset, and find out personal information, such as your bank details, address or date of birth, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud
  • Having strong, separate passwords for your most important accounts means that if hackers steal your password for one of your less important accounts, they can’t use it to access your most important ones
  • Make sure your password is easy for you to remember, but not easy for others to guess e.g. Pa55word may follow the rules of using letters and symbols but is well known amongst hackers as a common password
  • Don’t use words which would be easy to discover from your social media accounts, such as your child’s name or favourite sports team

Other behaviours which can help keep you secure online include:

Secure your tablet or smartphone with a screen lock

  • Give your device an extra layer of security by setting it to lock when you aren’t using it
  • Screen locks provide an extra layer of security to your device, as each time you want to unlock it or turn it on, you will need to enter a PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint
  • This means if someone gets hold of your device they can’t access the data on your device without entering your password, pattern, PIN or fingerprint

Always back-up your most important data

  • Safeguard your most important data such as your photos and key documents by backing them up to an external hard drive or a cloud-based storage system
  • If your device is infected by a virus or accessed by a hacker, your data may be damaged or deleted, which means you won’t be able to access it. Backing up your data means you have another copy of it, which you can access

Final tips:

  • Remember that spammers could also gain access to a friend’s account, so if you get an uncharacteristic email containing a link from a friend, do not click on it but find another way of contacting them to check that the message is genuine.
  • Leave a website if you feel suspicious – if the site doesn’t look or ‘feel’ right, if there is text that doesn’t appear to have any purpose or doesn’t tie in with the rest of the site, or if you feel uneasy for any reason.
  • Regularly check your social media privacy settings to control exactly what you’re sharing with whom.
  • If you’re going away on holiday, don’t advertise it on social media!
  • If you use a wireless network at home, password-protect it.

These simple steps can go a long way to helping you to stay secure online. For more information visit https://www.cyberaware.gov.uk

Norwich Airport Masterplan

Norwich Airport has published a Masterplan, open for public consultation until 15th September

Click here

Agenda for 7th September 2017


Keep Broadland Bees Buzzing

To give Broadland’s bees a boost next spring, Broadland residents can claim 20 free crocus bulbs from participating garden centres to plant in their gardens. It is best to plant crocus bulbs in autumn for a springtime bloom. In spring, food can be particularly sparse for bees but crocus flowers can provide a vital protein rich food source for hungry bees. This early boost in energy can help set them up for a successful season.

Schools and community groups are also invited to get in touch with the council if they would like more crocus bulbs to brighten up a green space for bees.

Vouchers can be found in libraries in Broadland and the free bulbs can be claimed at a participating centre from 1 September 2017.

Participating garden centres are:

Salhouse Garden Centre, Honeycombe Lane, NR13 6JP

Mousehold Garden Centre, Mousehold Lane, NR7 8HP

Moulton Nurseries, Acle Road, NR13 3AP

Taverham Nursery Centre, Fir Covert Road, NR8 6HT

Woodgate Nursery, Aylsham, NR11 6UH

Jumble sale 9th September

Jumble sale at Upton village hall on Saturday, 9th September from 2.00pm

Bric a Brac, nearly new clothing, books, toys and games

Charity reg: 1067912

Monthly newsletters from the Broads Authority

You can sign up to receive monthly newsletters at:


footpath on right hand side of dyke

BESL have fully re-opened the footpath along Upton Dyke and removed all the fencing and signage from the B.A. car park / picnic area and further round onto the River Bure heading towards Acle Bridge.

Blood donation

The next blood donation session is at Acle Recreation Centre on Tuesday, 1st August from 12.50 – 15.30 and 16.30 to 19.15

Ring 0300 123 23 23 to make an appointment

Safer Neighbourhood Meeting 17th August

Residents living in the Acle area are being encouraged to have their say and help shape local priorities.

A Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meeting will take place on Thursday 17th August, 10am at the East of England Co-Op Supermarket, Norwich Road, Acle.

The meeting will give people the chance to raise any issues or concerns they may have about where they live and speak to panel members made up of representatives from the police, district council and other agencies.