Agenda for 2nd September 2021


County Councillor’s report:

As part of Norfolk County Councils (NCC) pledge to achieve net zero by 2030 we are urging councils and individuals to comment on the Transport for Norwich Strategy at running until 8th October 2021.  The Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance has been allocated £695k for highways and ditch maintenance and an additional £395k for drainage asset improvement.  This should improve our drains and gullies around the County.  Currently NCC has an annual budget of £42m for Highways.  An additional £10m has been allocated for road maintenance over the next 4 years.  This will focus on potholes and road surfacing to prevent potholes.  An extra £1m will also be available for road safety schemes over the next 4 years.  NCC have been concerned about the declining uptake of apprenticeships over the last few years.  To address this we are working with schools, colleges and employers with some success.  Watch this space.

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