May 2019

What3words : useful for rural locations

Norfolk Police and Fire services have started using What3words to identify rural locations.

Find out your What3words address is here and download the App in case you need it

Further information


Contact details for the parish councillors

Philip Armes, The Firs, Prince of Wales Road, NR13 6BW         Chairman
Tel: 751429     Fax: 751429        Mobile: 07860 610 288
Email: [email protected],

Debbie Durrant, Grove Barn, 19a The Green, NR13 6BA          Vice-Chairman
Tel: 01603 713816
Email: [email protected]

Nigel Brennan, Eleuthera, 28 Cargate Lane, NR13 6AU        Also district councillor
Tel : 750187
Email : [email protected]

Laura Davey, Wayside, The Green, NR13 6AY
Tel: 752937             Mobile: 07711 562 174
Email: [email protected]

William Leonard-Morgan, Dyke End, 53 Boat Dyke Road, NR13 6BL
Email: [email protected]

Ginny Pitchers, Copperfield, 8 The Green, NR13 6BB
Tel:  750932
Email: [email protected]

Lee Smith, 24 Marsh Road, NR13 6BS
Email: [email protected]

Parish Council report for 18/19

Parish Council Report 2019