July 2018

Upton History Group

Upton History Group

 We are a small group of villagers who are interested in the history of Upton, the families that lived in it, and how the community developed over the years. We also have a broader interest in the marshes, the ecology and the farming that has always been the basis of village life.

 Our research has been limited by the fact that so many historical records that relate to the village have been lost or destroyed. Despite this we have an extensive history going back as far as the twelfth century, although there are lots of gaps that we are still trying to fill.

We have thousands of pictures and numerous documents but it is never enough to be a complete record. We hold very popular public meetings where our archive is displayed and provide displays for other village events.

 We have noticed that for many people history seems to begin around 50 years ago and we find it harder to get photos and other records of the 1980’s than we do of the 1950’s and earlier. We believe that the events of today become the history of tomorrow and so we are trying to develop a contemporary record of the village. If you have information, pictures or anything else that will help us better know the history of our village we would be delighted to hear about it so please contact us.

 Contact: either Mike Smith on 01493 751184. email:  [email protected]

or Sandra Shelley 01493 752099.

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