January 2017


Call for volunteers to join the largest master composter team in the country


Have you got a little time to spare? Do you like chatting to people and more importantly are you passionate about composting already or new to it and keen to learn? If the answer is a resounding ‘YES’ perhaps you would like to become a Norfolk Master Composter.

Norfolk County Council is currently recruiting for new volunteers to join the largest master composter team in the country. Each of our 80 volunteers commit to spending just 30 hours each year passing on composting hints and tips by chatting to friends, neighbours or even by giving a presentation to their nearby school, writing a piece for their local paper, parish magazine or allotment newsletter or helping establish a community/village composting scheme.

It’s easy to become one of the next 20 master composters by simply signing up for a free two day training course hosted by national charity Garden Organic, at Holt Hall Environmental and Outdoor Learning Centre on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March. There are 20 places on the course and people just need to be over 18 and live in Norfolk to sign up. Course and travel expenses will be paid for so people only need to provide their time.

The course will give all the information volunteers need to help other people start or continue composting at home whether they live in a country manor or city flat. And to help volunteers achieve the aim of spreading their new composting expertise there’ll be expert advice from Garden Organic and Norfolk County Council’s Waste Reduction team.

To find out more and apply for a place email [email protected] or call 0344 800 8020.

BT scam emails

Watch out for a new BT scam email which looks really genuine. It may be addressed to you personally. It says your payment has been declined and asks you to click on a link to “Review Account Information”. However if you hover over this link (without clicking on it) you will see that it is not a link to a BT site. The other links on the email appear genuine.

Take care!



Make your house name and/or number visible

A message from the Ambulance Service:

Do remember that trying to find an address can be difficult especially on roads where the houses are not numbered. It is vital that house names and/or numbers are easy to see from the road, ideally on reflective boards – and not hidden low down and possibly covered by foliage. Perhaps you could make it a New Year Resolution to ensure that your house number or name is easy to spot from the road, and if you are expecting an ambulance, especially when it is dark, please have lights on and ideally someone watching out, ready to flag the ambulance down. Sometimes minutes can be vital!

Setting up a No Cold Calling Zone

Are you fed up with people knocking on your door, uninvited, and trying to sell you dishcloths, or asking for donations to (possible) charities?  Upton Parish Council would like to consider setting up No Cold Calling Zones in the village. Currently, only Riverview Drive in Upton is designated as a No Cold Calling Zone.

A No Cold Calling Zone can be set up for a road, or part of a road, and means that traders are not allowed to call at your house without an appointment. The scheme is supported by Norfolk County Council’s Trading Standards team.

No Cold Calling Zones are a deterrent to unscrupulous traders and bogus callers, who do not want to be recognised or ‘logged’ as working within an area.

Trading Standards support the collective wishes of the residents, so the majority of the people living in the area must want the zone to be created.

It’s also helpful to have support and agreement from the parish or town council and to have someone who can act as a local coordinator to help promote the zone.

No cold calling zones are suitable for areas where:

  • There is evidence of a history of doorstep rogue trading/bogus calling
  • The area has a strong community bond/spirit and desire for the zone
  • The age and/or vulnerability of the residents causes them to be at greater risk through cold calling
  • The area is considered to be attractive to doorstep rogue traders
  • The area is distinct and can be clearly identifiable as a zone

We therefore need to find out if you support the scheme for your road. Please email the parish clerk, Pauline James, on [email protected] with details of your name and address, or put a note through the door at Beech Farm, 15 Marsh Road, Upton NR13 6BP letting us know whether of not you support the scheme. When we see what the response is we can approach Norfolk County Council for their help.