October 2016

Minutes of 13th October 2016

13th October 2016

Minutes of 1st September 2016

1st September 2016

Police security message

The following is a Police Connect message.

With the nights getting darker we are urging you to keep your home safe. LOCK your windows & doors, Keep a LIGHT on and HIDE any valuables.
Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who will search a neighbourhood for homes that look empty or dark, with access to back gardens. They also look out for windows that have been left open and unlocked doors.
By following a few simple steps, you can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of burglary.

Parking outside schools

Broadland Police are receiving reports from schools and members of the public of inconsiderate and illegal parking outside schools. We are urging those dropping off and collecting children to allow more time before they leave to park somewhere suitable further from the school entrance. Alternatively walk children to school or use a school bus if available. Broadland Police work alongside Broadland Council and Highways to address this on-going issue. Police can be contacted on the 101 number.