January 2012

Who does what?

The Parish Council
is funded by a precept which is an amount decided by the parish councillors
each year and collected for the Parish Council by Broadland District Council as
part of your Council Tax; if you look at your Council Tax bill you will see a
line for a small amount for the Parish Council.

The Parish Council
is made up of 7 parish councillors, who were nominated in May 2011.  The parish clerk is employed by the Parish
Council to deal with the administration, take the minutes of the meetings,
produce the accounts and budgets and be the first port of call for local

The Parish Council
looks after the churchyard and cemetery, the play area and playing field in
Cargate Lane, the boatdyke and staithe, the grasscutting around the village,
various benches, litter bins, allotments and the bus shelter at Southend.   The
Council is consulted on planning applications but does not make the final
decision.  The Council supports various
local charities and groups and appoints some of the trustees for the village
hall committee.

Broadland District
is the authority which decides on the planning applications, (apart
from a few low-lying properties which are in the Broads Authority area.)  It also looks after your rubbish collections,
sorts out street nameplates, deals with pest control and other aspects of
environmental health, tree preservation orders and licensing.  Broadland also runs the Tots 2 Teens holiday
play schemes.

You can contact Broadland District Council on 01603 431133
or www.broadland.gov.uk.

Norfolk County
looks mends the roads, the pavements, the streetlights on the trunk
roads and some housing estates, manages the schools and adult education, social
services, libraries, public footpaths and bridleways.

You can contact Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020 or www.norfolk.gov.uk.

Your district and county councillor is James Carswell on
07884 496 915 or [email protected].

Should you need him, your Member of Parliament is Keith Simpson and you can contact him on
01603 865763 or [email protected].

The Parish Council
meets on the second Thursday of each month (apart from when there is a bank
holiday when the meeting is moved forward) at 7.30 p.m. in the Village
Hall.  There is always an opportunity for
the public to ask questions or raise issues at the beginning of the meeting but
then, once the meeting starts formally the public is not allowed to join in.  There is no meeting of the full Council
planned for August.

You can contact the clerk, Pauline James, on 01493 751070 or
[email protected]

Upton Village Hall

To book the village hall please contact

Booking clerk: Anne Lubbock 07554 497 720 or [email protected]

Upton boat dyke 2

Upton Boat Dyke

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